What am I Running

One of our goals at Octagon, is to make sure our clients are making informed decisions when they are purchasing their tires. That starts by making sure our customers know what they running.

There are 3 main positions for truck tires: STEERS, DRIVES & TRAILERS

Used on the front end of the truck, these tires are the lifeline and most critical of all the tires used. There are two primary types of steer tires: With a Decoupling Groove or Without a Decoupling Groove

decoupling groove

These tires are the muscle behind the truck and there are two primary types of tires that are used today.

Used on over the road applicationclosed
Used on on/off road application

These tires are just as important as the tires on the main truck. The right trailer tires can drastically affect fuel efficiency, load stability, and overall performance of your truck on the road.
There is one main question to ask when it comes to trailers:
Do I need a shallow or deeper tread depth when it comes to my trailer tires? In order to answer this, we need to know more about the type of trailers you pull and the conditions in which they are used.

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